How does UX relate to your Social Media Strategy?

Been seeing this “UX” word all over the internet are you wondering what it all means and what kind of relation it has to your social media strategy?

User Experience design is a process that places the user at the centre of your design process and builds the product or service completely focussed on the goals of the user.

This design process focuses on the ease of use and the level of pleasure in engaging with the product or service that is experienced by the user.

For example, have you ever used a website that just makes you frown at your screen? That’s the first sign of bad UX design. When a website’s “flow” is clunky and confusing to navigate, or if you select a button and the page that opens isn’t where you wanted to navigate to, this is an example of bad UX design fundamentals.

The User Experience design of a product speaks to the flow of the user’s interaction with a product, looking intently at the journey of the user and understanding if it is enjoyable and assists the user in attaining their goals.

This design process also takes into account the limitations of the user and does not remove them too far from their comfort zone to engage with the product.

The second level of User Experience speaks to the aesthetic appeal and the intuitive design of a product for example, how the site moves, the flow from page to page, the psychology behind the colours used and the User Experience best practises which is an art in itself. But is felt deeply in its absence.

How does Social Media Relate?

Many businesses have turned to Social Media to promote themselves, build their target audience and engage with their consumers. Seeing that there are 3.48 Billion, with a B, social media users in the world this is an extremely smart strategy to incorporate.

However, there seems to be a general forgetfulness amongst business that these platforms are called SOCIAL platforms for a reason. They were built and remain popular for the sole reason of them being socially interactive and engaging platforms.

Now let us be truthful, when you take a walk in a shopping mall and you lock eyes with a cell phone promoter or a jewellery story or gym membership promoter your first reaction is to look away and speed up your walking to get away from them. So why, when creating our social media strategy do we focus on the sales-y, disengaging content that people scroll right past.

User Experience design, with the user centred design, and the principles that focus on the user’s experience with your product should be the exact same principles implemented when creating engagement with your brand through your social media strategy.

How do I implement UX into my Social Media Strategy?

As i mentioned before, UX is the focus of user centred-design but before you can dictate what your user wants, you need to be able to dictate who your user is, who is your target market, what are their qualities, their behaviours, their likes and dislikes, demographics.

Once you have an idea of your persona, you can then envision and map out the journey that they take, and what their goals are at each part of the user journey.

For example the journey of your user will start at the search or discovery stage, here you would take into account that they have discovered your brand for a potential product or service that they are actively looking for and build out the journey from there, taking into consideration aspects such as, how would they like to engage with your brand (a call back, solely on a messaging platform, emails etc.).

The design can become extremely in depth, but with focus and investment into the UX design of your social media strategies will come top of the line leads that are fully engaged and targeted.

I know most of us, as small business, don’t have the funds to employ a full time UX specialist, and most of us don’t have the time to learn the skill ourselves. But, if you are working with an agency, you can make sure that they are taking UX design into account when creating and posting your content. If you are braving the social media dragon alone, do one simple thing, place yourself in your target audiences’ shoes.

Because in it’s simplest form, UX design says, i know and understand you.

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